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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Credit : @realism_check

If people laugh at you, mock you, talk shit about you, you don’t need to react, or try to prove yourself to anyone.

You don’t need to get approval from everyone.

The people who support you and love you are enough to forget about your haters.

If people talk shit about you behind your back, let them, that’s what they can do. You don’t need to give a Fuck. And this people DOESN’T MATTER. Remember you’re BEAUTIFUL. 🌹💫

Are you looking for someone

who could light up your depressed life,

who could be the glue of love, that will help stick your broken heart,

who could be the reason for your happiness,

who could fill the emptiness of your life,

who could love you unconditionally,

who could be, the ointment on your scars,

who could complete you as a whole,

who could tell you, you are worthy for everything.

But what if you don’t find this ‘someone’ in your life, would you stop living?

Know your worth by yourself, and be a person who could be the ‘someone’, whom somebody is looking for.

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